The Ways of the Wizard

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I have so much creative energy that I’m ready to burst! I’m so fedup of not getting anywhere! I have a mind that was created to be used and it not being used how I want it to be used. If I keep working in a dead end job that I hate working in I’m going to break. I’m going to have a nervous breakdow. I actually think I already am having a nervous breakdown. I’m not even sure if anyone is going to read this I’m just so so so fedup. I am fedup of being fedup. I’m fed up of all the positive qoutes and all these amazing stories about all the wonderful things happening in diferent peoples lives  AND PReaching to people that if they only change the way that they think or they start following thelaws of the universe that all these wonderful things will happen. Well GUESS  the fuck what. IT aint happening for me So I don’t really see much point in telling other people the same thing. I CANT and won’t ITS BUllshit.

Justice RANT

Where is the Justic in this world God I’m asking god where the justice is. I’m tired of all of the good people in this world including my self Not getting the justice they deserve. The kindest most honest loyal and real people you will ever meet. Are living lives full of poverty and abuse and I’m tired of it. WHERE on earth are all those promises GOD. I can’t stand it anymore I can’t Understand! WHY these injustices keep happening in the world. WHY DO ALL THE EVIL GREEDY PEOPLE GET TO LIVE THE LIVES FULL OF LUXURY WELL ALL THE GOOD HARDWORKING PEOPLE ARE STUCK LIVING PAY CHEQUE TO PAY CHEQUE. I’m not a saint. Hell I May not be the smartest, or the most beautiful person in the world. But at the heart of who I am I am a human being who cares about the future of all humans. Who believes all of Humanity should Thrive and prosper and all people should live in peace and harmony and love. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK. I DON’T WANT DIAMONDS I DON’T WANT A LAMBORGINI OR A 50 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION. ALL I WANT IS ENOUGH MONEY TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE AND DO WHAT I LOVE DOING…I JUST WANT TO HEAL PEOPLE… IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR GOD I MEAN REALLY….